Save Time





Where Will You Be?

The Challenge

Time is one of our most valuable commodities. Once lost or wasted, time can never be regained. I am not suggesting you have to be mechanical with your time but once you realize the value of each moment there is a new attention placed on prioritizing what we choose to do with this valuable commodity.

What's Pulling Your Focus Away?

There are many distractions in our midst and it takes a focus, a LASERFocus™ to avoid what seems to be a shiny object calling for your attention.  Some of those shiny objects suggest we only need to spend a few seconds, I mean why not, we have lots of seconds in a day, right? Right, but the seconds run into minutes  and into hours …  and before we know it, our day has passed.  Have we accomplished the things most important to bringing us closer to our goals?  The better we are at prioritizing our actions and schedule, the closer we are to our goals.

Get the Freedom You Deserve

Freedom has always been one of my primary goals.  My experience has confirmed a reality.  To be ‘most free’,  one must be disciplined.  Freedom is earned and then lived.  There were times when I first started building my business that I was pulled in several directions.  I had a full time career, 3 sons 7 and under, a husband, a home to care for, a few personal passions  and my new networking business.  I had lots of reasons or opportunity for excuses but fitting everything in seemed to just happen.  Did it?  No.  It was a conscious decisions to prioritize all these important factors in my life and move into action.  They say if you want something done, ask a busy person.  Busy is not a problem.  If your reasons are big enough you will find all things possible.

What are your goals and what part does time play in achieving your goal?

Do you need time to achieve your goal?  Will making time give you your goal?  Is “more time” your goal?

Freedom can mean many things, like spending more time with your family.

Get LASERFocused Today

The system in Being LASERFocus™ Your Roadmap to Success is one of those systems that can simplify and create a discipline that gives back time.

Put It Into Practice

Use the “Precious 5” technique shared in Making Every Day Count CD.

Time is Ticking!