About the Book

Being LASERFocused™ Your Roadmap to Success is for you no matter what stage you are in, as long as you are ready to take your business to the next level.


You will find a manageable system that saves you time, makes the most of the little time you have to spare, offers you a teaching model for your teammates and will help you increase successes in your personal efforts and the efforts of your team as a whole.  End result, more confidence, more productivity and more time freedom for the things you want to be, do and have.


This book and system are for you if:


You are a busy person, you have added a new business to an already full life.  You want success and you are full of enthusiasm.  You sponsor your first new associate and you ask yourself. “Now what?”
You are totally committed to your business, you love the products, the opportunity, the people you meet and the fact you can make a difference in others lives.  But, you have not reached the success you wanted to see at this point.  You wonder, “What can I do differently to move forward and achieve my goals?”
Your business is moving along nicely but you are worried about leading a team and teaching them what you find innate. You just  can’t seem to get them to “get it”.


Susanne, remembers all too well balancing a career, her young family and household and adding her network marketing business to a very full life.  She sponsored her first couple of people and she could hear a little voice in her head saying, “Who do you think you are to show someone how to do this business?”
Her mentor told her that she knew way more than she thought and could bring much of it from her other business and life experiences and that he would teach her all he knew.
Being LASERFocused™ is a culmination of it all and the system she falls back on every time she needs to get on track.


It is a great piece that teaches all of us in this industry of Network Marketing the steps necessary to be on task and laserfocused when it comes to building our businesses. I know this will be a book many people will credit to helping them realize their goals and dreams.