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Do you choose success, but don’t know where to begin? Wondering what has been missing? Achieve the results you desire using the key strategies of focus, specific disciplines and accountability. Step-by-step, this book teaches a proven system to create the results you desire—not by working harder, but by working in a focused, productive way. The LASERFocus™ system will save you time and frustration.

A Complete System for Success

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The Benefits of
Being LASERFocused

Read on to find out how Being LASERFocused™ can help you find fulfillment and success, both professionally and personally.

Save Time

Time is one of our most valuable commodities. Once lost or wasted, it can never be regained. I am not suggesting you have to be mechanical with your time, but once you realize the value of each moment, you’ll place a new attention on prioritizing what we choose to do with this valuable commodity.

Susanne Cunningham
Susanne Cunningham

Increase Productivity

Productivity is measured by the results accomplished. The word productivity doesn’t sound like fun, BUT what productivity brings can be fun on steroids.  You are the master of your goals and productivity, and what you will do with your results.

Know Your Game Plan

If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you ever know you have arrived? And if you don’t have a map to get where you want, you may end up somewhere else.  This can be the perfect adventure in some cases, but if you want to narrow the window of chance and have a more direct route, you need a game plan.

Susanne Cunningham

Have a Duplicatable System

In network marketing, we often speak of duplicating. Duplicating is when we we do, act, reproduce what another is doing and then help others to do the same. Duplicating is at work at all times. We are an example, whether it is following a style of building, a system of tracking or language or any other behaviour both good and bad that is repeated over and over and potentially over a hundred fold. The idea of duplication is very powerful. It is not to take away from anyone’s uniqueness, but rather to amplify and simplify for the best ultimate outcome.

Susanne Cunningham
Susanne Cunningham

Have Time Freedom

What is time freedom to you? If you had more time what would you do with it? What would make you happy? Do you want time to spend with your family and friends? To golf, work out, read, study, feel ahead of your schedule instead of behind? Do you want more time to take on a passion you have always wanted to do? Do you want to see the world, take long walks on the beach, help others in need? Do you want to spend time building memories? What would you do if time was no object?

Be In Control

If your goal is to feel more in control of your time, and your life, the best way might be to let go of control and to use a system that has been used before, and, when followed, will ultimately give you choices and your freedom.

In Being LASERFocused™: Your Roadmap to Success, I use the term “chat with a purpose”. The idea is that each conversation you have in your business is purposeful. Before you even start the conversation, you are clear in your mind as to what the goal of the “chat” is. This concept, when executed by you, will help you move forward in a purposeful way, allowing you to assist the person you are talking with and what is important to them.

Susanne Cunningham

Start Being LASERFocused™ Today

Your journey to a better professional and personal life starts today. Buy the book, schedule a call with Susanne and get started on your path to success with Being LASERFocused™.

About the Author

Susanne Cunningham

Earning millions in Network Marketing, Susanne has made thousands of friends. She has grown in the Network Marketing industry because she was mentored and was able to apply the disciplines necessary to be a success. She uses those skills to mentor others today. 

Susanne Cunningham
I love Your Roadmap to Success’ methodology because it is action-oriented: accountability, friendly team competition and training are built into it. I recommend this book to all associates.

Sheila Dancho

Emerald Director, USANA

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