Increase Productivity

Ten Steps to Increase Productivity

  1. Know what you wish to accomplish. Invest the time in yourself to set goals.  Without goals how will you know you have arrived or achieved?
  2. Be willing to work.  Work is not a bad word.  Find a way to have your work be your play. 
  3. Invest  the time in yourself to know your “WHY”.  Your why is different than your goals.  Your why is that deep reason you do what you do.
    (page 29 of Being LASERFocused™ Your Roadmap To Success)
  4. Be clear on the activities that bring you closer to your destination. 
  5. Manage your calendar.  Remember time is one of your most valuable commodities.
  6. Realize what your productivity will create for you. Connect your productivity to your goals.
  7. Use a system to streamline activity.  Reinventing the wheel consumes your precious time, using a system that has proven to work will buy you time. 
  8. Network with others who want what you have.  The products you use, the lifestyle you have, the opportunity you are sharing.
  9. Duplicate a process with your team that allows all to achieve more.  More success for one is more success for all.
  10. Commit for the long term.  Enough small steps will take you wherever you want to go.